Rocky Mountain High Durango

Rocky Mountain High’s Membership Benefits Network

When you sign Rocky Mountain High as your caregiver, you receive unparalleled access to the best medicine, and the best prices, in Denver. We take pride in offering our members perks and discounts that far exceed what most dispensaries offer, and with eight locations, you can always find a shop close by where you can take advantage of your membership!

Member Benefits at our Mountain Locations

$10 1/8th 1st thru 5th of each month
$30 Credit when you sign us up as your Medical Marijuana Center
$35 cap on all 1/8ths (except Carbondale – $30 Cap on all 1/8ths)
1 – Strain Available Daily @ $25 1/8th
1 – Strain Available Daily @ $175 Ounce

Price breaks on all other products such as: Edibles, Concentrates, Topicals
Take advantage of member pricing in all 8 stores throughout the state

Rocky Mountain High Durango
48 County Road 250 #6
Durango, CO 81301
Phone: 970-259-3714

Author: Venknat

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