Disc Golf

Disc Golf is similar to traditional golf, only you use a Frisbee (disc). Disc Golf is easy to learn and fun to play. Most people understand the basic principles of traditional golf and these carry over onto the Disc Golf Course. Beginners invariably find throwing a Frisbee much easier than striking a golf ball.

Our 9-hole Disc Golf course starts at the top of the Graduate Lift (Chair 7) and winds its way around a scenic loop. The course features a mixture of distances, elevation changes, trees, open spaces, and water hazards.  Fun for the entire family, a typical round can take from 45-90 minutes to complete.

Scorecards and course maps are available at the Ticket Office and in Purgatory Sports. Discs are available for purchase at Purgatory Sports, or play for FREE when you bring your own discs.

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