Durango Mountain Club

Durango Mountain Club

Your life as a member of the Durango Mountain Club is just a little sweeter. Your biggest challenge will be how you choose to make the most of it.  Imagine. . .

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You pull into the arrival court at Durango Mountain Resort and the valet greets you warmly. He takes the car and tells you about snow conditions and the groomed trails. You make your way into the luxurious Purgatory Lodge lobby and glistening snow beckons through the panoramic multi-story windows.

The club lounge invites you in with a cozy stone fireplace and a buffet with continental breakfast service, coffee, and hot chocolate for the kids.

Now that you are awake and energized, the ski valet has your boards and skis ready, your boots are warm, all you have to do is head out to the lifts.  Signup for more information.

The Durango Mountain Club is a comfortable place, a home away from home, where your family can enjoy exclusive slopeside amenities and endless alpine adventures together, creating experiences that evoke lasting, treasured memories.

Contact the Durango Mountain Club Membership Coordinator for more information at 970.426.7220 or via email at dmc@durangomountain.com.

It’s going to be a great day for everyone in the family.
The club host has confirmed your children’s ski lessons, your afternoon spa treatment, and tonight’s dinner reservations. Your skiing technique is getting better each time you come up and your spouse is feeling more and more comfortable on the moguls. There’s plenty of terrain to suit all levels of skiing and riding and Purgatory Mountain has even more lifts and terrain planned for your enjoyment.

Your family regroups in the afternoon as you wind down, go to the spa for a well deserved massage and then sink into the hot tub. The kids immediately fling off their gear and pull on their suits to jump into the heated pool. The older siblings take unending trips down the waterslide, while the little ones play in the water jets in the shallow zone. After over an hour of water play everyone’s starving.  

You slip on your comfy clothes and head up to the club lounge for drinks while a waiter readies your table in the new Purgy’s Restaurant. After a satisfying meal you challenge the kids to a round of pool and a fun video game in the family game room, then as the kids gather with friends to watch a great movie, you snuggle into a conversation nook with your partner and some coffee. All’s right with the world.

Maybe tomorrow you will decide to work-out in the state of the art fitness center and poke around the shops in the base village, loving the club member discount in the stores. This summer you dust off the mountain bike and wind through the mountain’s lofty meadows painted with wildflowers. The kids will spend the day in the Summer Adventure Camp with the best of what Mother Nature and the resort have to offer including hiking, rock climbing, building a ropes course, and shooting down the alpine slide. Not to mention, they will love the super poolside birthday parties!

View a Virtual Tour of the Durango Mountain Club

1. What is the Durango Mountain Club?

The Durango Mountain Club (DMC) is a family-friendly alpine club featuring ski valet, family pool, adult spa, fitness, dining, lounge, and social facilities for the enjoyment of its members. The DMC consists of DMR and Durango resident members who have exclusive access to DMC’s precious slope-side location and family-oriented amenities that will make their time at Purgatory more fun-filled and hassle free.

2. What amenities does the DMC offer?
The DMC features a member’s lounge, family game room, ski locker room, fitness center, spa, outdoor pool and spa deck.

3. What are the Club hours of operation?
7:30 am to 9 pm daily with shoulder season closures of the Club upper level with partial closing for several weeks in the spring and fall off seasons for staff vacations, deep cleaning, and renovations.

4. What activities will the DMC host for Members?
Various social events and activities will be sponsored by the Club including pool parties, family fun nights, seasonal celebrations, and other social gatherings for the enjoyment of members.

5. Can the pool/spa facilities be used in the winter?
Yes. The pool/ spa facilities including a family pool, adult spa deck, fire pit, water slide, and spray jets are surrounded by heated pavers and can be used in the winter and summer seasons.

6. Is the Club an equity or non-equity club?
Membership is non-equity. Members may sell their Membership back to the Club and will receive a percentage refund of their initiation fee once that Membership is resold to a new Member. Members are permitted to sell or transfer their Membership only through the Club.

7. Will guests of a Member be allowed to use the Club facilities?
Yes. Guests will be allowed access when accompanied by a Club Member.

8. Are Corporate or Partnership Memberships available?
Memberships may be issued in the name of a corporation or partnership at the discretion of the Club Management.

9. What does it cost to join?
Initiation fees range from $5,000 to $12,000 and are paid up front. Membership dues ranging from $55 to $110 per month will be billed to Club Members annually. Payment plans are available.

Membership Initiation Deposit:  Monthly Dues:
Family $12,000 Family $110
Couple $8,000 Couple $82.50
Single $5,000 Single $55

10. What must I do to obtain a membership to the Durango Mountain Club?
Please contact the Club Membership Coordinator at (970) 426-7220 for additional information or email dmc@durangomountain.com. Sign up for more information.

  • Use of all the DMC facilities including: the club lounge, family game room, ski locker room, fitness center, spa, outdoor pool, adult spa deck, and community center
  • Ski & boot storage & valet
  • Complimentary valet parking
  • Member discounts on food, ski rentals, retail merchandise, ski and snowboard lessons
  • Charging privileges with Durango Mountain Club Card
  • Free pass to mountain race arena
  • Invitation to social events and activities as sponsored by the Club.

Note: Club amenities, services, initiation fees and dues are subject to change. Please confirm current status of membership offering with a Club Representative.  Signup for more information.

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