East Rim Condominiums

East Rim Condominiums

Located across from Purgatory Lodge, East Rim is just steps from the slopes.  East Rim Condominiums range from cozy one-bedroom loft to three-bedroom units.  East Rim Condominiums allow guests generous flexibility in their vacation planning. Full-sized kitchens, fireplaces and private decks are all a part of this mountain experience.

Durango Mountain Resort – Creating Memories to Last a Lifetime!

No matter where you stay at Durango Mountain Resort, you’ll feel right at home while enjoying the majestic views of the San Juan Mountains, perusing a variety of shops, savoring delicious restaurants in Purgatory Village, recreating in the incredible outdoors and creating memories that will last a lifetime.

To find out more, just call 800-525-0892 or email us at reservations@durangomountain.com.

East Rim Gallery

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